Finding someone with the right experience and attitude to mentor you and help achieve your business and life goals is hard to find. Fortunately, we offer a completely bespoke and tailored Business Consultancy service to help you overcome any obstacle you may face in day to day business runnings.

Does this sound like you?

Myriad of challenges
You run a small business (typically, up to £3m turnover) or social enterprise. You’ve started up, and now you’re facing the myriad of challenges to make the business scale.
Yes that's me!
Stepping Back
As a business owner, You find it’s so difficult to step back and work on the bigger picture of personal and business success. There just seems to be so much to do, and too little time.
Yes that's me!
Poor Advice
You find that much of the “small business advice” out there is either too generic, too narrow in it's focus, not particularly relevant to your situation or lacks the benefit of having been tested in the heat of experience!
Yes that's me!

How business mentors can help

Every business is unique because you, the entrepreneur, are unique. Incept mentor just a handful of selected businesses so you benefit from an ongoing relationship with clearly defined success factors based on:

Your motivation and personal drivers
What do you personally want the business to deliver?
Your vision for the business
What do you want it to look and feel like in 1, 2 or 5 years time?
An understanding of the current situation
Your people, market, products and services, finances, commercials, infrastructure, processes, management and more

At first, we’ll meet to talk through these factors and agree a plan for working together to help you meet your definition of success.

Ongoing, typically we meet for a monthly face to face session of setting priorities, tracking progress, providing advice and accountability and supporting you personally. In between meetings we stay in touch via email, phone and Zoom. (Find out more about how mentoring works).